THE CARLSBAD EXPERIENCE: 2019 sneak peek + a courtesy warning ;)


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“This was my second half marathon and I loved it! The course was beautiful and followed the rolling coastline of Carlsbad. They had plenty of bathrooms and water stops along the course. The event was very well organized and getting to your corral was easy! They did a great job getting the runners off the line as well! One exceptional thing about this race in particular is that they keep the finish line open until all participants cross over. If you have fallen behind you might be rerouted but you still get the glory of passing over the finish line which is awesome! Great volunteers and community support along the course!” – Gabrielle Estrada


“This race is really well organized and a truly beautiful course. There are tons of water stations and porta potties, and the goodie bags are legit! Last year I ran the half, this year I ran the full, both within a few days of my birthday on the 13th! I love celebrating with this race and starting the year this way!” – Colleen Devanie


“I have participated in a lot of races and this one is one of the better. Very well organized, beautiful course, lots of motivation along the course, and best of all… I love the finishers jacket that I received with my race shirt!” – Kris Engstrom Carlile


“It is a beautiful run with lots of ocean views. One thing I truly enjoy is when I turn around and head back toward the Finish. There is nothing like seeing the other runners… many beautiful people! Such diversity and commonality at the same time. Love this marathon.” – Helayne Heidenreich Lehman


“Had an absolute wonderful time! The event was well organized, especially with plenty of water stations and overall, met plenty of people running both the full and half marathon, that are very friendly and encouraging and prompted me to motivate others to do their best. This is a great and fun course to not only run on during the half marathon but also just going for a run in general because the views of the ocean are beautiful. To everyone who never ran this course, this is highly recommended!!!” – Ryan Escoto

(Read more reviews here)


When you fall in love, you tend to gush (as exemplified above!). You become sappy, sentimental and feel warm and fuzzy inside. This tends to happen when you run (or walk!) Carlsbad – you fall in love. Consider this your warning!

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Carlsbad comes from a place of deep roots and is a genuine labor of family love.  Going on its 28th year, many agree that there is something different about Carlsbad, something pure.  It’s not just another mass produced event, thrown together with the standard formula of giveaways made up of average quality.  It is handcrafted each year with new designs, logistical changes that cater to previous issues/requests and fresh ideas that trend with current interests.


Yeah, yeah, Carlsbad is special… now show me the swag!


The creation process for each year’s signature design and swag is a long journey.  It starts with inspiration which turns into ideas and eventually evolves into a general concept. First there is a lot of back and forth with the artist as we tweak the layout, modify colors and continuously review the mockups until we feel a design has been created that not only aligns with our intended vision, but that is visually appealing and exciting to our runners (you!).


But that’s not the end.  Then comes the process of working with our manufacturers involving even more back and forth until a final product is in our hands that we feel is a worthy representation of that year’s race.


With that said, we are proud to present to you, your 2019 goodies!

Img 2376
The 2019 full and half marathon lineup!
Img 2368
Technical fabric 1/4 zip pullover jacket for full and half marathoners. Includes zippered pocket and thumb holes.
Img 2378
Long-sleeve, top-quality, technical fabric race shirts
Img 2381
Race shirts – men’s back and women’s front
Img 2280
Dazzling finisher medal!


What treats are along the course?


Intangible energy boosts

One of the prominent aspects of Carlsbad that makes this race so special and unique is the heartfelt community support that it receives.  The energy you feel as you run into the village at mile-3 is a major boost both mentally and physically. The cheering, loud applause, words/signs of encouragement and overall vibe will send you out into mile-4 without even realizing you just checked off another mile!


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Carlsbad Village

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Visual inspiration

Then comes the grand moment when you exit the village and the gorgeous ocean backdrop is revealed.  A refreshing breath of air and motivation will take over your body – and the view is yours to enjoy for the next 6 miles (full marathoners get to enjoy 12 miles of ocean view, as they loop around twice!).


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Rocking encouragement

Along with constant spectator support and having the ocean as your sidekick, there are also talented and fun entertainers and bands at every mile of the course, keeping the energy high from beginning to end!  The 2019 lineup will be posted soon, but in the meantime you can check out who rocked our course in 2018!





Fully staffed and equipped support stations are located at approximately every mile on the full marathon, half marathon and 5K courses. Water and portable toilets will be available at every support station.


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In addition, Ultima Replenisher will be available approximately every other mile starting at (approximately) mile 2 for full and half marathoners.  Science in Sport Cherry and Chocolate Gel will also be available at (approximately) miles 4, 8, 10, 14, 16 and 23 for full marathoners and at (approximately) mile 3.5 and 10 for half marathoners.


But wait, there’s more!


Just seeing the finish line for the first time is an emotional moment you’ll never forget. You stop thinking and your body takes over, keeping your legs moving and putting an uncontrollable smile on your face. Then when you cross the finish line, you’re overcome with an overwhelming sensation of accomplishment, relief and pride.


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Cheering volunteers will hand you a 2019 Finisher medal for you to proudly display around your neck.  You’ll have the option of grabbing a mylar blanket if temperatures are still cool, followed by water, a Nom Nom bag filled with tasty and nutritious refueling foods and finally, a TruMoo chocolate milk.


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Mylar blankets help racers regulate their body temperatures, which tend to drop drastically once crossing the finish line. Think of them as a triumphant robe
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Pre-packed Nom Nom bags are filled with lots of love and nutritious and refueling foods
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If you’ve never had chocolate milk after a race before, then you are in for a TREAT! Between the carbohydrates, protein and refreshing deliciousness, chocolate milk is an excellent recovery drink and a memorable quench you’ll never forget!


Time to party!


The finish line festival is an electric atmosphere full of celebration, high-fives and jubilation as everyone relishes their morning of glory and great achievement.  The soothing tunes of Martin Storrow can be enjoyed throughout the festival, adding to the joy and contentment you’ll be feeling.


A delicious complimentary Ballast Point beer (for those 21+!) can be savored in the beer garden.


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Shop, browse and visit with local vendors and companies including the Official Merchandise booth where you can find a new line of quality and stylish souvenirs to wear proudly for years to come!  


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Last but not least, since our event is a race after all, there will be age group awards offered to the first three finishers, male and female, for each race in the following age groups: 17 & under, 18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79 and 80+.


If you are going after the 2019 Triple Crown, Carlsbad kicks off the Half Marathon Triple Crown and the SoCal 3×5 series.  You’ll be able to snap a Triple Crown bound pic at the photo booth or grab a souvenir from the merchandise booth as you commit to the journey!


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And that is Carlsbad.  It takes experiencing it to truly understand why this event is so special, but don’t say we didn’t warn you – you’re likely to fall in love!  And the truth is, we fall in love with each one of you as well.


See you Sunday, January 20, 2019!

Sign up here, and use code BLOG10 for $10 off your full or half marathon entry!



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