Buses – Half Marathon Only

IMPORTANT: The only way to access the half marathon start line is via an event-provided bus. There are no participant drop-offs allowed at or near the start line.

The half marathon buses will leave from the finish line area in Balboa Park from 4:00 – 5:15 AM ONLY. If you miss the last bus, you will not be able to run the half marathon. There are two bus pick-up locations on the east side of Balboa Park:

  1. The southwest corner of the Presidents Way and Park Boulevard
  2. The corner of Zoo Place and Park Boulevard (about a 3/4-mile walk from the finish line area

See the Finish Line Area map here to view the two location options. 

If you are staying at the Sheraton Hotel & Marina, follow the link below to your specific transportation instructions. 


Parking – Half Marathon Buses & 5K Start

Both the half marathon bus pick-up location and the 5K start location are in Balboa Park, near the intersection of Park Blvd. & President’s Way.

Public parking is available throughout Balboa Park and the surrounding area. Allow yourself at least an extra 30 minutes for parking.

The largest parking lots are off Park Blvd. at the intersections of Park Blvd./Zoo Place and Park Blvd./Presidents Way. Both lots are close to a bus loading location for the half marathon start line. All half marathon participants must take the bus to the start line.

The closest parking lot to the 5K start/finish line is the lot at Park Blvd./Presidents Way.

See the Finish Line Area map here for an overview of the area.  


If you are staying at our host hotel, the Sheraton Hotel & Marina, click here for transportation information specific to your stay!



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