Carlsbad Marathon 2019 — Time to Celebrate!


The Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Full & Half Marathon is always a fun-filled, adrenaline-pumping, goal-smashing weekend, and this year was no different! Huge congratulations to all of our athletes, and thanks to their friends and families for joining us at The Shoppes at Carlsbad for another amazing Carlsbad Marathon. Plus, a special congratulations to everyone who participated in the inaugural Double Down Challenge! Cheers to YOU, runners. Will we see you in April at the La Jolla Half Marathon for the second race of the Half Marathon Triple Crown season? We hope so!


1 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0100

2 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0205

5 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0296

6 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0500

7 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0545

9 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0100

10 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0840

11 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0697

12 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0890

13 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1027

15 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1089

16 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1106

17 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1090

18 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1121

19 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse0925

20 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1176

21 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1216

22 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1259

23 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1238

25 2019carlsbadmarathon Halfbycruse1166

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