Memorable Highlights from the 2024 Carlsbad Marathon


Img 3696The Carlsbad Marathon is much more than just pounding the pavement and chasing finish lines. It’s an event where amazing stories unfold – stories of heartfelt reunions, incredible triumphs, and special tributes. Each year brings its own set of unforgettable moments, and this year was no exception. Missed the action? No worries! Let’s jump into some of the standout moments from this year’s event that’ll make you feel like you were right there.


An Unforgettable Reunion at the Finish Line

Brianna Ramirez, a Helicopter Crew Chief in the United States Army, made a memorable appearance in her uniform to surprise her sister, Jeannine, at the finish line of her first half marathon. Their embrace after being apart for over a year was a moving scene, symbolizing the event’s spirit of love and support. There is nothing quite like watching a family reunion. Thank you to the Ramirez family for sharing it with us.

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Courage in Every Step: Hayden’s Inspirational Marathon Run

In an extraordinary display of courage and dedication, Hayden Johnson, a San Diego State University student, took on the marathon just months following heart surgery. Running in memory of his late brother, Marcus, Hayden’s effort was more than just a physical feat; it was a heartfelt tribute. His commitment to the Marcus Johnson Memorial Foundation and resilience in overcoming recent health challenges marked his race as a true marathon highlight. Way to go, Hayden!

Read The San Diego Union-Tribune article. 







Lynn's Farewell Tour Badge


Honoring a Legacy: Lynn’s Farewell Tour

This year’s marathon also served as a tribute to Lynn Flanagan, the beloved founder of the Carlsbad Marathon, who passed away last October. The In Motion Events team, friends, and family celebrated Lynn’s life by walking the final marathon stretch arm in arm. Race participants were encouraged to share what the Carlsbad Marathon means to them and why they run. Their messages were deeply touching to Lynn’s family. They send a thank you to everyone who shared.













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A Milestone Achievement: Karen Flynn’s 200th Half Marathon

The marathon also witnessed a remarkable personal achievement as runner Karen Flynn crossed the finish line of her 200th half marathon, her 18th at Carlsbad. Celebrating this incredible milestone, Karen shared her joy on Instagram, saying, “So glad I was able to accomplish this running milestone at a ‘hometown’ race with many friends to celebrate with! Yes, it was a good day!” Her accomplishment is a shining example of endurance and passion for running, inspiring fellow athletes and the community.

These moments illustrate the event’s essence – personal triumph, communal celebration, and heartfelt tributes. Each story adds a unique and inspiring layer to the marathon’s rich history. Thank you for sharing them with us. See you again next year!

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