Local insight: Favorite San Diego running spots


The sun is OUT! And along with the guns 💪 and buns 🍑, so are the runners.  To be fair, living in San Diego doesn’t necessarily burden us with treacherous weather conditions, and it’s pretty safe to say we get to enjoy running outdoors all year round.  However, when the sun is shining, there are inevitably more people choosing the great outdoors versus running at the gym.

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Where do you like to run?

With so much beauty at our fingertips, it’s not hard to find a pleasant place to run. But we all have our favorite spots that meet our “running preferences” checklist, usually taking into consideration the terrain, elevation, views, traffic and of course – safety.

For us, we love finding a good trail or stretch of coastline to get a few miles in.  What about you? Where is your favorite place?


Here’s what y’all said…



List of local favorites:

North County:

Central San Diego:

East County:

  • Lake MurrayAntoni Hanus

    • 5.9 out and back, paved
  • Mission Trails on the “service road between Santee and La Mesa” Mary Ackley
    • Up to 11.1 miles of dirt trails with varying difficulty
  • Santee LakesSamie Vergene Stewart
    • 3.5 mile loop, paved
  • Walker Preserve TrailHugo Lepur
    • 5.8 miles, out and back, dirt


Where’s YOUR favorite place to run where you feel best, happiest and motivated?? Comment below and spread the running joy!


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