Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all participants for the 2020 La Jolla Half Marathon and Shores 5K will be virtual. 


Not sure what that means? Here are the details:

  • Anyone already registered for the event will be switched to a virtual participant. 
  • Your shirt, medal and cinch bag will be mailed directly to you at the end of April. You do not need to pick it up anywhere. We will use the address entered during registration. To check or update your address, log into your Events.com account. Follow these instructions if you don’t know your password. 
  • Under these special circumstances, you DO NOT need to upload results. 
  • Anyone who completed a 2020 Carlsbad Marathon event and is planning to complete the Half Marathon Triple Crown or SoCal 9×5 will automatically be eligible. You do not need to upload any results.
  • Still have questions? You can contact us here. 


The virtual registration category will remain open for anyone who has been planning to complete one of these series’ but hasn’t registered yet. You can register here. 




COVID-19 Update