In order to participate in the racing chair or handcycle division of the Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Half Marathon, all athletes must agree to and follow the established policy. Failing to do so will result in the athlete being pulled from the course and prohibited from participating in future events.

  • The half marathon is a difficult and hilly course. Therefore all participants must confirm their ability to complete the course before being allowed to participate.
  • It is recommended that each athlete drive the course prior to signing up for the race. Click here for a map of the course. The racing chair and handcycle divisions will start five minutes before the half marathon start.
  • Due to the course layout and the large number of participants in the marathon and half marathon, all wheelchair athletes shall treat this event as a recreational event and not a race – the roads, course, and the large number of participants are not conducive to racing speeds.
  • Excessive speeds, weaving dangerously, and/or yelling at other athletes will not be tolerated. Courtesy passing “call outs” are appreciated and recommended.
  • All racing chair and handcycle participants will be required to slow down to a safe speed when encountering a large crowd of runners – even if it means going 5 mph for a period of time (including downhill portions of the course).
  • A questionnaire must be completed for each athlete. Click here for the questionnaire.

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