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Contact Name
Contact Name
As an official entertainment provider for the 2024 Carlsbad Marathon, to be held on Sunday, January 14, 2024, I agree to provide entertainment for the Carlsbad Marathon and/or Half Marathon participants and spectators at a pre-designated location on the marathon course and follow the direction of Carlsbad Police Department personnel, City staff and event staff regarding any adjustments to our equipment placement and/or volume level.
I agree to request Carlsbad Marathon approval before use of the event logo on any electronic and/or print marketing materials produced by my group and I understand my group may receive promotional exposure by participating as an entertainment group for the event and that our group name, logo and/or image may be used in conjunction with such exposure.
I understand my group will be issued an Official Vehicle dashboard placard that will allow us access (at the discretion of the Carlsbad Police Department) to drop off equipment on race morning prior to the event start. I understand that my group may not drive on the course at any time during the event.
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Address for Check Payment

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