Carlsbad Marathon & Half: Final 48 hours!

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The 2020 race weekend is upon us! Trucks have been loaded, final emails have been sent, fences are going up, tents are being constructed, on-site deliveries are getting dropped, boxes are being unpacked… basically, the loose ends are getting handled, final touches are being made and Carlsbad 2020 is getting REAL

But enough about us, let’s talk about you!

You’ve spent the past few months committing your time, dedicating your energy and preparing your mind and body for one single day, which is suddenly here! So now what? Your body may be resting but your mind likely is not. Should you be doing more? Resting more? Maybe get one last run in to really feel ready? Let’s talk about your final 48 hours…


You are what you are!

At this point, there is no getting stronger and no going backwards. Your fitness is what it is!  There isn’t enough time for your body to adapt to any changes, whether you’re trying to gain last minute strength or worried about “losing” any of your training in these final days.  Your only goal in these last 48 hours is to stay rested but fresh.


No hard runs – just move a little

Definitely don’t do anything that will compromise your race, but you needn’t fear a short workout the day before. Emphasis on short and be sure to tailor the “workout” to what feels right for your fitness level.

Think EASY. A light, short run or walk and/or some strides.  

“Strides or surges at race pace will help facilitate optimal neuromuscular (signals between your muscles and your brain) coordination on race day.”

If you’re traveling to the race, whether by air or ground, you’ll need to do something to help your legs recover from the travel: either a short run, a light massage or a short walk. The goal this day is simply to make sure your legs feel fresh (resource).




Ready for your mind to be blown?

“Current thinking in sports training is that excessive carbo-loading is not needed.” 🤯🤯🤯

Expert advice on pre-race feasting:

  • “Short-term carb loading may just be a set up to feel sluggish and bloated in the morning — especially if you are running for less than 90 minutes” (resource).
  • “This is no time to change your diet dramatically. Don’t overeat. Avoid foods that give you gas or loose stools, especially in the two days before your race. Avoid alcohol and high-caffeine energy drinks in the two days before your race, to help prevent dehydration” (resource).



Ready for your mind to be blown again? 

The night before your race is NOT the most important night of sleep 🤯🤯🤯  Two nights before race day (Friday!) is actually what’s crucial!

“Many people toss and turn the night before the race and make it through just fine. The second-to-last night of sleep before the race is more important.”



Considering the crazy winter weather the rest of our country is getting this weekend, Carlsbad is looking mighty fine!

It looks to be a mostly cloudy, cool day on Sunday with temps between low 50’s to low 60’s (click here for current, updated conditions).

Wear layers and strip down as needed! During your race, please toss unwanted clothing to support stations; all discarded clothing will be donated after the race.

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Come prepared and informed!

The more you know, the smoother your morning will go.

We know – ugh, reading! But be smart and do yourself this favor:  read through the final event instructions for your race!

Race Weekend Final Event Instructions (That one! Read through that one!)

Health & Lifestyle Expo

Race day parking/directions

Road closures



You’re going to be GREAT!

We’ll be there cheering you on, supporting your needs and ensuring a memorable and EPIC race day – see y’all soon!

Carlsbad Start Line


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