13 Warriors Seek Their Fitness Dreams

carlsbad half marathon

The Carlsbad Marathon & Half takes place every January with a weekend full of events for all ages and abilities. 

Each year, we partner with the Tri-City Medical Center and are proud and honored to give thirteen (13) deserving North County residents an opportunity to achieve their fitness dreams by offering them a spot in our In Motion Fit training program along with a golden ticket to the half marathon.

Lucky 13 Program Logo Horiz Green 2015

Consideration goes to those who have overcome a significant health challenge and have never trained for or completed a half marathon.  If there’s one word to describe this group of 13 people, it would be INSPIRING, to say the least!

lucky 13

lucky 13 finishers

Lucky 13

The 2019/2020 Lucky 13 members have been carefully selected, and we can’t wait to see the personal journey each of these life warriors will take as they train, work hard and dedicate their time to achieving big goals. Life may have handed them a few curve balls but they are fighters, determined to have a healthy, abundant, goal crushing, zest-filled story!

A round of applause and congratulations go to this year’s Lucky 13:

  1. Silvinia Tondini 
  2. Mary Jane DeMille 
  3. Vicki Parker 
  4. Pat Winbush Collum 
  5. Georgio Tegami 
  6. Penelope Russell 
  7. Mary Rowe 
  8. Maria Zumaya
  9. Millie Duarte 
  10. Rachelle Nyenhuis 
  11. Virgette Mazzola 
  12. John May 
  13. Kate Battenfeld
2020 carlsbad half marathon
The 2019/2020 Lucky 13, beginning their journey!


Come on out to the 2020 Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon & Half and Surf, Sun Run 5K on January 19th!

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