They came, they ran, they conquered!


The 2019 La Jolla Half Marathon & Shores 5K was one for the books! A cool spring morning greeted the runners with an overcast sky, temperatures in the 60s and clear ocean views; perfect running weather!  Matt Starkey kicked off the race day excitement, sending a jolt of energy and motivation through the crowd as roughly 4,000 runners crossed the half marathon start line. Cherished volunteers who had been prepping since the early morning hours offered the runners water, Ultima, encouragement and support along the course.  La Jolla Cove buzzed with cheering fans who lined the fence line and welcomed the incoming finishers with applause, flattering signs and high-fives galore.  Ubiquitous feelings of joy, relief and badass-ness permeated the finish line as runners came through the chute. Some wore smiles, some wiped tears – all radiated expressions of accomplishment and pride.

Medals were awarded, food bags were consumed, beer was savored and music was enjoyed by all, as finishers celebrated their feat in the seaside park.  The solidarity of crushing hills and conquering La Jolla was strong, making the 2019 event a memory many will treasure and forever be proud of.


Congratulations 2019 La Jolla Finishers – you rock!


2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0113 Web


2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0048 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0121 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0082 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0179 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0246 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0351 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0422 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathondronebycruse1029 Copy Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0361 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathondronebycruse1073 Copy Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0403 Web 

2019 Lajollahalfmarathondronebycruse1109 Copy Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0284 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0476 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0636 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0750 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0736 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0797 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0653 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0648 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0682 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0713 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0720 Web

2019 Medal

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0826 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0828 Web

2019 Lajollahalfmarathonbycruse0852 Web



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