Three exceptional races.  
One unique challenge.


The Half Marathon Triple Crown is a fun opportunity to recognize the dedicated half marathoners who complete three top quality races in the same calendar year. 

This 13.1-mile threesome starts each year in January with the Carlsbad Half Marathon, followed by the San Diego Half Marathon in March and ends in August with the America’s Finest City Half Marathon.

To be a part of the series, simply register and finish each of these events in the same calendar year. Finishers of the Half Marathon Triple Crown will receive an impressive commemorative medal as well as some serious bragging rights and a huge sense of accomplishment!

Race #1 – Carlsbad Full or Half Marathon – January – Register here!

Race #2 – San Diego Half Marathon – March – Register here!

Race #3 – America’s Finest City Half Marathon – August – Register here! 



Once you complete the first two races, you’ll be eligible for the Half Marathon Triple Crown! Check your eligibility here.

As soon as you confirm you’re on the list be sure you are registered for the America’s Finest City Half Marathon. You will receive a special Triple Crown bib for the final race, the America’s Finest City Half Marathon in August. You will use this bib to redeem your commemorative Half Marathon Triple Crown Champion medal after your race.

If you think you should be on the list and don’t see your name, please email us.


  1. You must register using the exact same name and birthdate for all three events.
  2. You must wear the race timing device and receive an official time for each event. If you do not have an official finishing time, you will automatically be disqualified.
  3. Entry into each event is not guaranteed – register early to ensure your spot and save money
  4. Each event has its own time limits – to be eligible for the Triple Crown you must adhere to each time limit.

Share your Triple Crown journey:  #HalfMarathonTripleCrown

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