If you do not see yourself on the SoCal 9×5 eligibility list and believe you should be, please confirm your eligibility by reading the listed requirements, then filling out the form below if still applicable.

Eligibility Requirments: 
– Participants are only eligible for the SoCal 9×5 if they’ve completed the SoCal 3×5 for three consecutive years.
– You are only eligible every three years. Once you’ve accepted your SoCal 9×5 medal, the challenge restarts and you are eligible again after another three consecutive years of completing the SoCal 3×5. 
– Did you check the correct eligibility list here

SoCal 9x5 Series Eligibly Verification Form

Year 1 Series Results - 2020

Year 2 Series Results - 2021

Year 3 Series Results - 2022

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