The Kiwanis Club of La Jolla presents the La Jolla Half Marathon and La Jolla Shores 5K!

Chartered in 1925, the La Jolla Kiwanis Club has grown to be a viable and valuable resource in the community.

Kiwanis Club of La Jolla raises over one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) a year through its annual La Jolla Half Marathon as well as other fund raisers.

These funds are used specifically to address the needs of children in our wider community. And we have a great time doing it!

We have a delicious lunch together every week and we have become a tight-knit group of friends sharing diverse backgrounds and careers.

Our events make us an integral part of this beautiful city as we serve pancakes in July, support the Rough Water swimmers in September, facilitate the Junior Olympics for all of our elementary school children, and organize and run the La Jolla Half Marathon!

We bridge the age divide by supporting Circle K students at the University of California San Diego, Key Clubs at La Jolla High and University City High Schools.

The name “Kiwanis” means “we trade” or “we share our talents”.  It was coined from a Native American expression, Nunc Kee-Wanis.

We are ordinary people in La Jolla performing extraordinary work by sharing our time and talents.  In turn we develop our own leadership skills and broaden our scope of awareness.

Kiwanis meets every Friday at noon at La Jolla Presbyterian Church – 7155 Draper Avenue in La Jolla.

Guests are always welcome!

Typical Friday meetings include discussion of a variety of Kiwanis related activities and a speaker to speak on a variety of topics ranging from pertinent social issues to human interest stories related to our very own community.

Please visit the Kiwanis Club of La Jolla website for more information about Kiwanis.