Dear 2020 La Jolla Half Marathon Registrant,

As Board President of the Kiwanis Club of La Jolla, I wanted to personally reach out to you.

On behalf of the entire Kiwanis Club of La Jolla, we all understand your disappointment and frustration with the unplanned change to our previously scheduled April 26 event. In our 37-year history, the La Jolla Half Marathon has been run through extreme heat, cold, rain, you name it. It has never been cancelled, and to us, this is simply heartbreaking.

Our La Jolla Half Marathon is our primary annual fundraiser. Each year our club donates 100% of the net funds to hundreds of local, children-related non-profit organizations. These organizations are already struggling during this pandemic and will hurt even more with the loss of our annual contribution from race proceeds.

Our event does not have corporate cash sponsors, we rely solely on entry and vendor fees to cover all expenses. When news of the Coronavirus began to gain more steam in February, registrations began to decline. When the decision was made on Tuesday to convert the race to virtual, we had less than half the registrants that we did last year. After the dust settles and all the bills are paid, we simply won’t have the funds available to offer everyone refunds. The event has been in the planning stages for almost a year and funds have been responsibly spent to put on the event we all expected. What we are able to give back to you financially, we will be doing so in the form of a significant credit on next year’s race. We anticipate being able to announce this significantly discounted entry in May.

Some of you have asked about rescheduling our race. La Jolla is special; besides the physical challenge and the extraordinary beauty, it starts at the 22nd District Agricultural Association-owned Del Mar Fairgrounds, travels through two cities, through a National State Park, and finishes at a City Park – each requiring its own separate permit. Between permit moratoriums, already scheduled fall events, and events now being rescheduled for the fall, postponement was simply not an option. 

Others have inquired about whether or not we have our own event insurance. Yes, we have an event insurance policy. While it covers a myriad of causes for cancelation, communicable disease is excluded. This was a very disappointing realization to us as our desire is to always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

We understand this may not be the outcome you desired, but we hope we can count on your understanding that the Kiwanis Club of La Jolla is committed to continuing this event so that it can support hundreds of local non-profit organizations. 


Bart Calame
Past-President, Kiwanis Club of La Jolla
Chairman, 2020 La Jolla Half Marathon Committee